Sleep Medicine

Our DaVita Medical Group New Mexico Center for Sleep Medicine is a regional leader in diagnosing and treating a full range of sleep disorders.  Our sleep medicine specialists diagnose and treat patients from childhood to geriatrics, and provide patient education that is tailored for each individual.  Our state-of-the-art sleep center is fully accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and all of our physicians are board certified in sleep medicine.  Some of our services include the following:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for sleep disorders
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic sleep studies in our 12-bed sleep lab
  • Complete follow-up care to ensure patient compliance and treatment success
  • Sleep-related durable medical equipment (CPAP equipment) educational classes – a once weekly class designed to help new CPAP users learn more about their equipment and overcome obstacles
  • On-site setup of CPAP / Bi-level equipment
  • “Sleep Ez” class that teaches sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques for those with insomnia
  • Variety of services to aid in the management of sleep problems

What can untreated sleep disorders contribute to?

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Depression
  • Diabetes Type II
  • Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke

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Sleep Medicine

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Guido, Peter, MD

Sleep Medicine Information

Commonly Treated Conditions: Our Procedures Include:

  • Disorders in Children – For children and adolescents, we provide effective diagnostic, treatment, and counseling services to aid in the management of sleep problems.
  • Insomnia - Difficulty falling or staying asleep which may be caused by stress, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, and restless legs/periodic limb movements during sleep, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, or poor sleep habits.
  • Narcolepsy - A brain disorder that causes uncontrollable bouts of excessive sleepiness.
  • Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - Legs and arms may move or jerk involuntarily during sleep.
  • Restless Legs Syndrome - Uncomfortable sensations in the legs near sleep time, leading to an irresistible need to move the legs and interference with falling asleep. Legs and arms may move or jerk involuntarily during sleep.
  • Sleep Apnea - Periods of interrupted breathing during sleep. Often associated with loud snoring, snorting and gasping for breath.
  • Other Sleep Disorders – Snoring, Upper Airway Resistance, Hypersomnia, Rhythmic Movement Disorder, REM Behavior Disorder, Advanced/Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

  • Daytime sleep studies (for shift workers)
  • Maintenance of wakefulness tests
  • Multiple sleep latency test
  • Overnight sleep studies
  • Patient education

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